We are living in a disruptive world with tremendous pressure. Many association leaders hunkered down, figuring out how to make it back to stable ground; they are missing the boat. The most successful CEOs are doing something very different; they appreciate and liberate the stress of the moment and leverage it to create the organizations of the future.

We all need to be thinking about the future and do some scenario planning. Scenario planning is where we imagine the future, create a story, build it out, bring it back to the present, ask if this is the future we want or is mitigation needed. Scenario planning creates a loop between the future and present to accelerate and influence where we want to go while trying to mitigate risk.

We need to think about new capabilities as we plan for the future and take advantage of these disruptions to accelerate our organizations’ evolution. We must be proactive, evolutionary leaders: build on the past, adapt to the present, and prepare to thrive in the future.

I am starting a group to look at associations and ask what is possible in the next 12-18 months using emerging technologies and capabilities. Each participant will create a presentation specific to their role, sector, and association that they may take back to their home organization for implementation. If you’d like more information on scenario planning or my upcoming group, email me.