On Saturday I dug up my entire garden. This meant pulling out the marigold bushes that were in full bloom. Undeterred by their resplendent beauty, I was dead set on using the one dry day I had in front of me to clear the plot. Out of the house came my 17-year-old daughter, Ruchi, to harvest the blossoms for malas, spiritual garlands.

While I toiled with the shovel and rake, she sat on our porch and patiently cut hundreds of marigolds. Then, in our house, she and my wife, Laura, strung the flowers together to make the beautiful malas that would decorate our Hindu statues. Above in the center, you see Ganesha with his mala where he hangs on the wall, and on the right, it is Lakshmi on her puja (altar) surrounded by beautiful flowers.

While I pulled the plants up to make way for compost and mulch, my daughter and wife took an opportunity to express their devotion by creating beauty.

What seasonal activities are you engaged in this week, and what’s another aspect of the very same activity?

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