Recording Arts

I had the good fortune to visit my wife, Laura Baron’s, recording studio, Recording Arts, to see her expert producer, Marco Delmar, in action. The two were working with the amazing Latino drummer, Manny Arciniega, on a song for Laura’s upcoming album release.

Multiple takes ensured Marco and Laura had what they were looking for. Over and over, Manny took on a particular song, each time challenging himself to do just a little better. Of course, all takes sounded great to me!

The beauty of recording is that you can capture the freshest play, the most beautiful in relation to the other tracks in the arrangement.

How often do we wish for the chance to have a “do-over?”  Wouldn’t it be great to pull from the best of all our responses to craft our reactions in a specific scenario? Alas, much of life happens in the moment, and that is why practice is so important. Not the practice that means getting ready for the main event, but the practice that allows us to be at our best over and over again.

What special opportunities are coming your way this week for practice?

“Everything is practice.”- Pele

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