My good friend, Raj Chawla, encouraged me this morning over coffee to consider how results rest in the center of leaders’ relationships. After I made a comment about the importance of relationships, he reminded me that those relationships live in the context of results. I can see both sides: relationships can generate results just as results can generate relationships. Either way, it’s a virtuous circle that breeds a better world.
Results are exactly why I chose both Susan Neely and Jay Timmons, pictured above with me, to share and document their good works as leaders. Susan is CEO of the American Council of Life Insurers, and Jay is CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers. 
Susan is fond of the Venn Diagram that includes her organization’s members, consumers, and social benefit. She likes the sweet spot that is the intersection of all three.  That’s a perfect intersection for results. It can easily be transposed to other kinds of organizations for their leaders.
On October 23 I assembled 40+ CEOs to listen to Jay and Susan’s stories, and drill into some of the details that make their work so effective. Proceedings are forthcoming (if you are interested, reply and let me know and I will make sure you get a copy). The ensuing conversation was inspirational and practical. Especially rewarding for me was how much interest there is in this topic, IMPACT: How Association CEOs Change the World. I also enjoyed learning about many other leaders in the audience and similar works they are engaged in.
What kind of results are you seeking? What will you do this week to reach out to other leaders who also have a stake in those results?

Whatever you do, do with determination. You have one life to live; do your work with passion and give your best. Whether you want to be a chef, doctor, actor, or a mother, be passionate to get the best result. – Alia Bhatt