The best time to start getting ready for the year ahead is before it arrives! And a great way to do it is to ask questions that can propel you to a new level of whatever you prize most in life. Coming up with questions is the easy part, so give yourself over to it with abandon, and go for the gold!

Here are some of the questions I am playing with:

  • What one thing can I change that will make the most difference in the quality of my life, increasing my happiness day-to-day?
  • If I had no fear, what would I do?
  • Wthat would be the greatest fun for me and my family to do together?
  • How do I have more laughter every day?
  • What can I do with my son, now before he leaves for college in the fall, that will best help launch him into adulthood?
  • What is the greatest gift I can give my daughter as she turns 13?
  • What is the most wonderful thing I can do for my relationship with my wife, to grow stronger, deeper and more joyful?

Get ready for the best year ever! If that’s all you do – get ready for it – chances are it will be great!

And now we welcome the new year.
Full of things that have never been


– Rainer Maria Rilke