Proactive Evolutionary Leadership builds on the past, adapts to the present, and prepares to thrive in the future. The associations thriving today are being driven by Proactive Evolutionary Leaders. Below are six tactics I see being employed by the most successful CEOs through my 100 CEOs initiative, and conversations with other expert consultants.

  • They see the next 12-18 months as an opportunity to accelerate the evolution of their organizations
  • They are increasing innovation capacity
  • They are building a learning culture
  • They are exploring the changing nature of corporate sponsorship
  • They are actively pursuing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives
  • They recognize competition

What are you doing to be a Proactive Evolutionary Leader?

I am starting a group that will look at the association space and explores the possibilities of the next 12-18 months using emerging technologies and capabilities. Each participant will create a presentation specific to their role, sector, and association that they may take back to their home organization for implementation. If you’d like more information on scenario planning or my upcoming group, email me.