The solstice is upon us. Here in North America it is the Winter
Solstice, when the axial tilt of the Earth is farthest away from our
Sun.  In the southern hemisphere it is precisely the opposite: the
axial tilt is closest to our star.
solstice and equinox chart
Either way it is a turning point in the year. For those of us in the
midst of winter, the solstice will be the longest night of the year. And for our
southern neighbors it will be the longest day of the year.

This day held special significance for our ancestors. For most of
humanity it is still a special event even if we associate it with the
winter holidays or the heat of summer.

In 46 BCE Julius Ceasar established December 25 as the Winter Solstice,
which most probably relates to the coincidence of Christmas some four
hundred years later.

Curious to me is the fact that the Winter Solstice is not the coldest
day of the year, nor is the summer solstice the hottest. Turns out
there is a lag between the heat given off by Earth and the heat
arriving from our solar friend. And so the days continue to get colder
for about a month or so beyond the Winter Solstice.

Just so in the world of business trends tend to follow nature, but not
precisely. They ebb and flow in surges that lag a little behind genuine
movement. This lag makes it difficult for some to see the causal
relationships. But for others this lag is an asset to be captialized

Those who see the larger pattern are in a position to work its dynamic.
What patterns do you see in your world that can be parlayed into
greater success?