Everyone loves to win. I have had the good fortune
to work with 60+ exceptional companies in the last ten years, including
30 where I worked hand-in-hand with the CEO or executive director. Here
are some of my key takeaways from the best initiatives I have been
associated with:

  • Successful leaders know who to create positive
    inflection points, dramatic and defining shifts in relation to the
    market that move their offerings decisively forward – they capture
    ground. They do it regularly, consistently, and systematically.

  • In each of these decisive moves they aim for
    one of four targets:
    1. Growing their base
    2. Getting a bigger buy, claiming more of their
      customers’ spend
    3. Improving loyalty
    4. Increasing market prominence.
  • They carefully manage the three forces that can
    bring down a company: 
    1. Operational pressures – what it takes to keep
      the doors open and put out inevitable fires
    2. Innovation stress – the forces that new ideas
      bring to bear on business as usual
    3. Changing market forces – you know these can
      turn on a dime or a headline

  • Winning leaders work intentionally with three
    components of their innovation foundation; i.e., the platform that
    turns continuous improvement into market success:
    1. Leadership – they communicate their vision
      clearly, engage others in robust discussions to develop ideas, surround
      themselves with people who excel at their respective jobs, and spend
      significant time building partnerships
    2. Talent management – they develop existing
      staff, get rid of people who won’t grow, and aggressively recruit
      people who are capable of leading them into the future
    3. Idea management – they have clear, explicit
      ways of identifying good ideas, growing them into exceptional efforts,
      and moving them out into play where they are studied and modified for
      increased success in the marketplace.

The best part about success is that it builds upon itself. Once you
begin to exhibit market gains you attract players and partnerships that
inject power into your best efforts.  That is why success rules.



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