From an early age, I loved both math and dogs. So this cartoon hits me thrice. Once, because I am always trying to learn new mathematical lessons. Second, because I recognize that puzzled look when my canine companion is trying hard to figure out what I am saying. Lastly, because I sometimes feel confused in the presence of math.

Every day I indulge in both math and canine love.

I never miss an opportunity to do ad hoc number crunching, as my children will tell you. “Dad, which one of these cereals is cheaper?” asks my daughter. “Excellent question,” I reply to rolling eyes. “What’s the math problem that will tell you?” Then inevitably, “Now, can you do it, or approximate it, without pencil and paper?”

And I love taking the time to admire other people’s dogs as well as my own. I love to look at photos other dog owners carry, and I really do want to hear their favorite pet stories (cats, too).

What do you love? How can you give yourself a daily dose of it?

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself. – Josh Billings