I am in the midst of a quest to speak with 100 CEOs in 100 days. More than halfway through, one thing has become clear; the uncertainty we are facing today created by the pandemic, systemic racism, economic interruption, and a contentious political election is impacting associations. Many of those organizations are retreating from their long-term strategic planning process and moving to a North Star, Next Stage approach.

The North Star, a guiding light, represents the overall vision and mission of your organization. The Next Stage is about recognizing that the activities you perform to reach your purpose will change based on the context of the current environment. Associations using this approach implement a rolling strategic model, a fantastic way to stay abreast of developments in your space given the uncertainty in today’s world.

Watch this video to learn more about the five stages to my strategic foresight model:

  1. Engage Thought Leader Strategist
  2. Scan the Environment
  3. Connecting the dots
  4. Taking action
  5. Measuring results