None of us chooses the circumstances we are born into. War, famine, political struggle, peace, plenty, social progress. They are all determined by forces larger than ourselves, like weather and geographic events.

Of course, we can choose to be active agents engaging the fronts we find imposing on our world. But, the events themselves are much larger than any one person can control. That’s my daughter above getting her first vaccination shot yesterday; she’s 17. Everyone in our house now has had shot #1. This is how we are participating in the pandemic right now.

Where do you put your focus and how do you show up? Where have you decided to contribute? What is your relationship to the larger forces at work in your world? And how do you care for your well-being psychologically day-to-day in the face of these? These are all important questions. Important to ensure you are safe, well, and able to contribute when you choose to.

What will you do this week, and how will you care for yourself?

“We’re all in this together through the thick and the thin.
We’re all in this together in the losses and the wins.
In the light of day there’s always a place to love the world we share.
When the ones we love need the best of us, we’ll find each other there.”
– Katie Herzig