Last Tuesday I went to the most extraordinary
concert. The opening act, the Guru Ganesha Band, captured my fancy more
than the main event. Guru Ganesha is a 60+ year old Sikh who leads a
band that plays music to celebrate spirituality. Before the evening was
over the guru in his white shirt, white pants, white turban, and long,
white (ZZ Top like) beard was rockin’ out on electric guitar. We were
dancing in the aisles! It was the quirkiest fun I have had in a long

Guru Ganesha band

Some of the most successful people i know are not afraid to break the
mold. They cross boundaries, mix unique combinations from their past,
and generate new amalgams that fuse their worlds creatively.

This week think about creating something original that marries two or
more parts of your life that normally remain apart. Mix them together
to yield a rich composite. New blends can be a real treat.  I
never thought I would see a Sikh rocking out on electric guitar and
when I did, boy, did it bring joy to my heart!

A work of art is
the unique result of a unique temperament.

– Oscar Wilde