Calvin Dove and I are pictured above. Calvin is the coffee roaster at Quartermaine’s, one of my hangouts here in Bethesda. I wrote my two last books in Quartermaine’s. Calvin and I often strike up a conversation while I am there. Yesterday we took some time out after he got off his shift to get to know each other.

Turns out we both have an avid interest in family, music, recent US history, civil rights, and science including astrophysics and quantum mechanics. We had a great conversation. I left with some new musicians in mind for my next listening session, and feeling energized from Calvin’s company.

There are people we see every day who bring light into our lives. Calvin is one of those people in my life. I feel fortunate to know him and look forward to more conversations on topics that inspire us both.

Where might you look this week for a meaningful encounter? Perhaps someone you see regularly but you have not yet said hello to?

“A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.”
Jim Morrison