I’ve distilled the Visionary Leadership skillsets down to three super categories:

  1. Market awareness
  2. Association leadership
  3. Self-development

Each of the three categories has its own set of skills. Today we will tackle, market awareness which includes:

  • Detecting larger patterns
  • Ecosystem leadership
  • Systems thinking
  • Identifying disruptions

Detecting larger patterns is about noticing what’s going on in the broader marketplace and understanding the impact those trends will have on your ability to do business.

Ecosystem leadership is about balancing the interests and mining the knowledge of multiple constituencies. Then, pulling these interrelated bodies together and determining what it is they’re telling you about the market.

The third area is systems thinking. Resist the urge to boil things down to black or white. Instead, entertain the multidimensional nature of the market in which you operate. Take time to understand the complicated relationships and let those complexities inform your decisions.

And the fourth area is identifying disruptions. There will always be challenges. If you can determine what those challenges are before they hit you, you have the opportunity to either dodge them or find a way to take that energy and use it to propel your organization forward.

Assess where your market awareness, and the other two areas, association leadership, and self-development by downloading my self-assessment here.