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Getting the Most from Your Board

I’ve worked with many boards leading strategic planning retreats, professional development seminars, and grand challenge discussions. Some boards are high-functioning. Others are not.

Through my work, I’ve identified four areas in which the most high-functioning boards excel, and each of the four areas is the responsibility of the organization’s CEO.

If you are a CEO looking to get the most out of your board be sure to:

  1. Educate your board
  2. Identify external resources your board can connect you with
  3. Build robust relationships at the top
  4. Introduce strategy

Watch the video above to learn:

  • Why training is not education
  • Why external resources are important
  • The three most important groups to nurture your relationship with
  • How understanding and introducing effective strategy can create a powerful force for success.

To learn more about the strategies outlined above download my report, Getting the Most from your Board.