Last week, I shared my most recent report, Getting the Most from Your Board. One of the first topics that I highlight is the need to educate the board members. What you educate them on depends on your board and how it runs. Some boards are completely disconnected from their organization; smart people but not involved. Some boards are high-functioning and deeply involved.

Watch the video above to learn what kind of education and information is best for different types of boards.

Disconnected boards will need to learn:

  • What it means to be a board member
  • How to step up and inhabit their leadership
  • How to represent their members
  • How to contribute to the organization
  • What kind of questions are appropriate to bring to a board meeting
  • What kind of conversation is considered staying out of the weeds and on topic

High-functioning boards need:

  • Advanced briefings
  • Information on the market
  • Information on your portfolio
  • Evaluations of the different products and services
  • Ability to make educated and data-driven decisions

And of course, there’s everything in between.

Educating your board represents an important strategic opportunity to leverage the unique talents and skills of its members. To learn more download my report, Getting the Most of Your Board.