We are experiencing disruption on multiple levels. The pandemic has caused disruption to the economy, supply chain, and how we interact with each other, and the impact will likely extend for years. What does this mean for associations? In this video, I discuss creating a strategy during these uncertain times.

Your association may be facing exigencies that require a strategy to carry you through the next 3-6 months. You don’t want to compromise the mission of your organization as you respond to these urgent needs. Developing a North Star, Next Stage approach can help associations see through the now while working toward the future.

North Star refers to the over-arching, long-term strategy and becomes the guiding light to pursue. The Next Stage strategy covers the steps you will take in the next 3-6months.

Disruption is forcing and accelerating the change that is possible in associations. What are you doing to create the association of tomorrow and ensure that those Next Stage steps lead in the direction of your North Star?

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