to write
to writeThere is so much going on in our world that is asking for reflection and reorientation. I recommend taking the time to write out your thoughts, especially if there is an inciting event or clear focus for your curiosity.
Sarah White, author, and writing partner helps people with all aspects of writing but she has a specialty in memoirs. She helps people write about their life experiences. It was on her blog, True Stories Well Told, that my daughter, Ruchi, published the story of how she managed to survive as an orphan on the streets of India. That piece is entitled Identity.
It is also there that I published a short piece on my last encounter with my father, His Hand on My Arm.
What I learned through helping Ruchi and writing my own piece was how powerful a short piece can be. In both instances taking the time to put words to paper made our memories more real and readily retrievable. My piece helped me to understand myself and how I related to my father at a very important milestone.
I encourage you to read some of the entries on Sarah’s blog, all short-form memoirs. Consider writing one yourself in the week ahead about a topic that is on your mind or close to your heart. The personal reward is immeasurable.

“I love all insider memoirs. It doesn’t matter whether it’s truck-drivers or doctors.” – David Mamet