tuning forksA tuning fork is a device that emits a pure musical
tone. A curious feature of a tuning fork is that it radiates waves at a
specific frequency and those waves cause other objects to vibrate at
the same frequency. So, if you strike a tuning fork that vibrates at
440 cycles per second, another 440 tuning fork in the same room will
begin to vibrate. It sends out a signal which resonates in surrounding
objects and they begin to vibrate with the same sound.

magnet, by contrast, is an object that exerts a force on other
ferromagnetic materials, like iron. It generates a field that attracts
or repels these objects.  The field can be “seen,” like the image
to the left, by sprinkling iron dust in proximity to the magnet. The
dust aligns itself with the lines of force in the magnetic field
illustrating the contours. Without these props the field is invisible,
but it still exerts its force and can cause objects to move the way the
magnetic North Pole causes the arrows on compasses around the world to
line up. 

Imagine that you are both a tuning fork and a magnet, causing other
people to resonate at the same frequency you emit, and drawing them to
you or pushing them away based on their sympathetic qualities. 
Well, in fact, you are. If you pay no attention to the impact you have
on others, and fail to cultivate it, you abdicate your influence. But,
if you develop your ability to bring people to you and push them away,
to evoke in them the same vision you have – well then, you are a leader.

Your mind is a magnet. You don’t attract
what you need or what you want; you attract who you are. And I love who
I am!

Carlos Santana