My canine companion, Sita, was hurt in a conflict with an unknown animal in our backyard two weeks ago. She came into the house with deep lacerations on her front and back leg. She is okay now, after a trip to the emergency room, a ton of antibiotics and some time spent inside the infamous cone dome (to keep dogs from tearing off their bandages and otherwise making a mess of things). But, at the time she was pretty badly hurt. I was on the road, working with clients, when it happened.

My daughter, Ruchi, rose to the occasion. Not only did she administer to Sita’s wounds, she remained with her for hours on end to keep her company and provide moral support. In the picture above, Ruchi is working on her computer next to Sita.

When we go through times of stress, it’s hard to overestimate the power of friends and family who minister to us. Is there someone you know who could use a phone call or a visit? Taking the time to be with those in need is an essential part of the human (and canine) experience. Reach out to someone in need this week and let them know you care.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”
Henry Ford