The Beginning

As I write this, it is the first day of 2023, and the whole year is ahead. When you read this, it will be at least the 2nd day of the year, and possibility will loom large in whatever plans you are making… if you are making plans. For those who think about what can be done, this is one of the most creative times when the options are endless.

The picture above is my earliest picture of myself, just a day old. My father’s face above mine was a guiding force to help me get started in the world. Now with over 63 trips around the sun to my credit, I can imagine how that baby’s life took shape. I think about what feels like separate lifetimes: elementary school, high school, college, first job, first major relationship, and on it goes right up to the present moment. The aggregate adds up to this moment, 2023.

No telling what is ahead. I like the feeling of the unknown stretching out before me (as long as I have enough structure to stave off chaos). As each passing moment collapses from infinite possibility into what actually transpires and becomes suddenly and instantly part of the past, form emerges as if it is coming closer from a fog-drenched future. I love that process, from the infinite to the finite… from the many to the one.

What might you set your sights on in the week ahead? What possibilities await you?

“Onward, into the fog!”
– Oat Willie (Gilbert Shelton)

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