Saturday morning I woke up in a grumpy state. I knew better (after decades of experience) than to hang out at home, so I drove out to a coffee shop alone and then went to the gym to shift my mood. Boy, am I glad I did! No interaction until my brain space shifted. I had put myself in quarantine and it worked. I didn’t create any messes!

The ultimate shift was a party I went to with my amazing wife, Laura, and wonderful daughter, Ruchi. They were perfect company. It was a good friend’s 45th wedding anniversary – best wishes to Madelyn & Gerald!

Madelyn Blair is an amazing leader in the field of resilient leadership, on the faculty at Columbia University. So. of course the people she gathered for this celebration were incredible, from both her personal and professional spheres. I reunited with a gentleman I had worked with at NASA’s APPEL program, Ed Hoffman. And good friends like Denise Lee, a business innovator and world-class expert in knowledge management, and Alicia Korten, Culture Creator.

The party uplifted me in a profound way. I had already made progress on my own, but this crowd cemented the deal! So many good friends, and new ones. It was a great environment of warmth and love. The conversations were wonderful. Turned my lights on! By Sunday morning I was a new man!

What can you do this week to turn your lights on, get a genuine shot of revitalization?

“Little things make big things happen.”
John Wooden