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Grand Challenges and Growth

We’ve spent the last few four weeks exploring three things the most successful CEOs are doing to drive growth within their associations:

  1. Investing in Your Social Systems
  2. Creating synergy between mission impact and profitability
  3. Design and deliver a grand challenge

We’ve covered social systems and synergy in previous videos. Today we will discuss how grand challenges – bold, socially beneficial initiatives, that bring people, organizations, and resources together to solve problems -impact association growth.

The American Nurses Association’s Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nations initiative is a great example of a grand challenge that not only solves a critical social issue but also benefits the organizations involved by;

  • Creating new partnerships
  • Enhancing esteem
  • Increasing access to valued resources like money, time and, knowledge
  • Appealing to members who want a noble purpose
  • Amplifying mission impact

For a full look at these grand challenges and the other impact areas, download a copy of my latest report, Breaking Through.