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By Seth Kahan

Portfolio Evaluation

 A special thank you and shout out to Henry Chamberlain, CEO of the Building Owners and Managers Association International for his willingness to let me draw from our experience as we prepared for a portfolio review, including the potential of sunsetting existing programs. Portfolio evaluation is always a challenging exercise. BOMA’s new strategic plan …

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I am in Madison, Wisconsin, where I lived from 3-5 years of age. Of course, the world looks different from a toddler’s point of view than an adult’s.  I remembered the Paul Bunyan (an American folk myth, for my non-US readers) murals in the student union, and especially the one where his dog is running …

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Optimizing Your Social Systems

An association’s social systems include all the constellations of people who work together to achieve the organization’s objectives. There are two things leaders can do to optimize social systems. First, remember these groups are people. People who need to be appreciated and need the positive feedback required to make them rise up, become enthusiastic and …

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Paul Bellantone and Trust at PPAI

I had the good fortune to work with Paul Bellantone. CEO of Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), to help with the association’s strategic planning. While gathering member intelligence – a critical step in the planning process – I learned that PPAI had a hidden, key asset. Trust. PPAI’s membership had tremendous trust for the organizations’ …

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Juggling So Much!

Almost all of my clients and friends are always defending time for themselves. There is family, work (multiple projects), self-care and the need for downtime. Downtime is extremely important for processing everything else. That’s one reason we sleep, so the brain can reorganize and integrate. If people deprive themselves of too much sleep they first …

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Yesterday was Saraswathi puja. Puja is a form of Hindu worship and Saraswathi is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom, and learning. Since we brought our daughter, Ruchi, home from India over seven years ago, we have stepped up our participation in Hindu activities, and I love them! I particularly like Saraswathi puja. …

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