The Great Joy of Reading

I have just begun a family vacation by the beach in Massachusetts. Of course, I brought my favorite books with me. I have three I am working on now, and

Bringing Our Daughter Home

We brought our 8-yr-old little girl, Ruchi, into the United States October 2011. In April 2013 she was formally adopted in Montgomery County. Because both my wife and I are

Kindness: A Renewable Resource

Everywhere I go I meet people who tell me they love my Monday Morning Mojo. Just a few moments ago I met a gentleman here in Kansas City, Missouri, who

Conversations can Mean So Much

I was prepping for a full-day session about culture change with the executive team of a scientific society when I was reminded of my work with the World Bank. Our

60th Birthday Special!

I’m super excited! Today, July 9th is my 60th birthday! I’ve circumnavigated the sun 60 times on planet Earth, and I’ve gathered a whole bevy of experiences.I’ve had the opportunity to